"Everything you do in life, every choice you make, has a consequence."
-- Mark Steven Johnson
is listed with the
Jewelers Board of Trade

Unique Gold and Silver Jewelry

BCDeskin Jewelry offers mostly hand-built, one-of-a-kind items. My perspective changes day by day, and so does the work I produce and offer. Check in frequently for new works of inspiration, or if you have something in particular in mind, feel free to drop me a line and we'll discuss it.

For simplicity of viewing and purchasing jewelry, I have set up an Etsy shop. Just a few pieces are displayed below. Click through to see the whole shop.

This is a small sampling of my work. To see more, or if this page appears blank, please visit my Etsy Store.

"Bill, the work you did was fabulous; I was very pleased."
-- Leonardtown, MD

"Bill, Thanks again for the wonderful combs. I wear them everyday."
-- Portland, OR

"It's here! It's beautiful! Thanks again, it's a gift that I'm sure she'll always treasure."
-- Chapel Hill, NC